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Slow Home Computer?

Speed up your machine with an SSD upgrade. A solid-state drive (SSD) is the easiest way to breathe new life into a slow machine. SSDs are much faster than mechanical hard drives because they don’t have a spinning magnetic platter and moving head. When the upgrade is done, you’ll be amazed at the performance improvements a small investment can give a machine.

SSDs come in different sizes, from 60GB up to 1TB. Prices typically range from £35 to over £300, depending on what you’re looking for.

Looking to upgrade Your Computer or Laptop?

ITS can supply and perform the upgrade you need for you (including data transfer) for as little as £90*. Often it's not economically viable to spend money on old machines, but this upgrade is relatively future-proof as the drive will be useable in any future computers you purchase.

With a mechanical hard drive, the physical heads need to move around to read data from a spinning magnetic disk. With an SSD, the drive can read or write data from any location on the disk with no performance penalty. So, based on some industry tests the speed improvement can often be at least twice as fast. Boot times will be noticeably improved and desktop loading times reduced considerably. Launching a program, opening a file, and saving something to disk will all happen much, much faster. Click a program and it can load almost instantly. Even just web browsing will be faster.

NEED to work from home?

Are you required to work from home? Anything from a VPN connection to advanced IT support, we've got you covered. Working from home can be stressful at times, especially if you're running into technical difficulties. We can help you access your work on a 

Terms and Conditions

• All Prices are Ex-VAT

• Evaluation of the Machine Is Required to See If an Upgrade Is Viable

• ITS Will Always Recommend the Best Solution for You and Tailor It to Your Requirements,

this Can Be Done Remotely (Subject to Internet Connection) and Free of Charge

•You Send the Machine to ITS or We Can Arrange Collection and Re-Delivery at Additional Cost

• You Backup Your Data Prior to Sending It to Us

•We Cannot Be Responsible for Your Data without Prior Arrangement

• Prices Are Current as of july 2020 and Are Subject to Change

• All Costs Will Be Agreed Prior to Commencement of Works

• *£90 Quoted for Laptop Upgrade Is for 240GB SDD Drive, Fitting and Data Transfer Only

Desktop upgrades are fairly simple, and often you can keep your original disk as storage. This will negate the technology limitations on the size of the disks. For example if you have 1TB of data (music for example) and cannot stretch to a 1TB SSD, get a 120Gb or 240Gb one and use your existing hard drive for your data storage and the SSD as the operating system drive and benefit from the faster boot times as well as being able to store your data. This is subject to the computer housing having a spare drive bay, but most desktops do.

Laptop upgrades are a bit trickier as often there isn’t a secondary drive bay so you will have to consider this when exploring the upgrade. Some laptops offer an optical drive bay-to-SSD kit so you can have multiple drives installed. We would recommend going for the biggest drive you can afford as often it will be the only storage option open to you as it's down to the physical laptop layout.

All works are subject to our terms and conditions.


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